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 All trays sold by Plantel Nurseries, Inc. are made of injection-molded high density polypropylene, they are extremely durable, easy to clean and will give you many years of life in your nursery operation. All Plantel trays nest together to provide stable, space saving stacks for delivery or when not in use.

One of the unique benefits of using Plantel trays is that you get a whole wealth of experience included with the tray. We are happy to share our experience and knowledge with you to help in your success. Greenhouse tours are welcome and encouraged for all new customers.

More Consistent Plant Growth.

Styrofoam trays rapidly deteriorate resulting in pockets or pits that pathogens and fertilizer residue can hide in. As a result if you reuse other trays you can never be sure of what might be left behind in the tray that influences the performance of the next crop.

Easy Extraction of the Seedling.

The smooth cell walls of our trays allow for time saving, easy extraction of the seedlings. Additionally, both the plant and the root are handled with less damage resulting in better plants during the transplanting process which gives superior plant survival and establishment in the field.

More Consistent Plant Growth.

The trays are easily cleaned between uses thus eliminating possible pathogen carry-over from crop to crop.

Lower Cost per use.

The durability of these trays can lead many seasons of production. When cost analyzed over the long term these are the most economical trays on the market. While we cannot guarantee the longevity of the tray Plantel has had trays in production for as many as 20 years.


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